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Youth Boxing Classes

At the Croydon Boxing Academy, we offer Youth Boxing Classes to teenagers between the ages of 10-17 who are looking to build their self-esteem/self-confidence, improve their physical health and learn self-defence.

Boxing is a great sport physically and mentally but it can also be a beneficial and engaging activity for the youths at risk against knife crime, gang involvement/gang related activities and street violence. Our Youth Boxing classes gives teenagers in and around the local community a positive environment/place to go to after school instead of prowling around on the streets with no purpose nor focus.

amateur boxing club - croydon, london

Benefits of Youth Boxing

Defense Mechanisms in Youth Boxing
Our certified boxing coaches at the Croydon Boxing Academy will teach teenagers certain skill sets and boxing techniques they can use to develop and progress in the sport of boxing but also help them feel more confident in defending themselves outside of boxing if and only when necessary.

Balance and Physical Training in Youth Boxing
Footwork and balance are requisite parts of boxing. We will teach you how to effectively evade and deliver punches by obtaining the proper skillset to distribute weight on each foot. This will eventually improve your coordination and balance. Our Youth boxing classes increase your core physicality by the exercises and physical activities involved in our training.

Positive Mental Impact from Youth Boxing
Youth Boxing has multiple positive mental impacts children can take with them and fit into their daily lifestyles. It drives their self esteem to higher levels owing to the confidence they’ve gained from training, the focus they would now have towards a certain something and the capability they now have to defend themselves when and if necessary. Even the simple fact that they look and feel healthy impacts their self confidence.

Why us?

Our primary aim is to motivate the youths of today, to give them a purpose and an environment to let loose and have fun while boosting their self-confidence, improving their self-defensive skills, managing their anxiety and stress and possibly help them maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle by keeping them physically and mentally active and occupied so that they won’t have the time and headspace to get involved in negative activities.