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kids boxing - croydon, london

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Boxing timetable for kids aged 5-9 years.

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Kids Boxing

Need your child/children to focus on something that will benefit them positively in everyday life? Then the Croydon Boxing Academy could be just what your child/children need. Training in the sport of boxing can help a child transcend both mentally and physically.

Safety Precautions in Boxing Classes

At the Croydon Boxing Academy, we will ensure your children always wear the appropriate protective gear when they are engaging in physical activities in the boxing classes. Our boxing classes are always supervised by at least one or more certified boxing coaches who will ensure that improper techniques and/or misbehaviour won’t be exercised by the children.

kids boxing - croydon, london

Benefits from Boxing

Self Confidence/Defense and Co-ordination
Here at the Croydon Boxing Academy, our qualified boxing coaches will teach your child how to correctly throw and evade punches. We will also teach them the right stance and positions needed to utilize the techniques taught to them with confidence and agility.

They will be taught proper footwork as it’s a fundamental part of boxing. To evade punches as well as deliver them in a defensive manner, boxing requires learning the skill of methodical movement. We will also teach them how to cram the most effectiveness into each punch by teaching them how to fittingly distribute weight on each foot.

As much as these skills will help your child in our boxing classes, they will also help your child gain self confidence and help him/her defend himself/herself against bullies and possible challenges outside of the boxing club.

Physicality and Discipline in Boxing
Boxing will help your child get into physical shape and improve your child’s cardiovascular fitness. At the Croydon Boxing Academy, the kid’s boxing training focuses on bodyweight exercises, for example crunches, squats and push ups, as well as jumping rope and jogging. In our boxing classes we aim to teach your child that hard work and focus as well as discipline and determination are a key importance to excel in this sport.

kids boxing - croydon, london

Mental Advantages of Boxing
There are several mental benefits boxing can offer children for daily life. Improved physicality and performance in boxing, can tremendously build your child’s confidence. In addition to boosted confidence, your child has a better sense of focus and discipline, for example, just punching a speed bag or blocking an offensive attack requires extreme focus, this level of concentration can be transferred into the classroom and/or other activities.

Our coaches at the Croydon Boxing Academy will also help your children control and improve their behavioural issues {if any}. We will teach them that misbehaving and acting out is futile in and out of the classes and it will affect them negatively.

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