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Women’s Boxing Classes

Most women aspire to look fit, be physically healthy and have the ability to defend themselves when/if necessary. At the Croydon Boxing Academy in London, we offer Women’s Boxing Classes with a safe environment for all women with and without any experience level. Our women’s boxing classes appeals to women who are interested in daily workouts to acquire a trimmed physique, and also to women who wish to learn proper boxing techniques and further their experience level to fight in the ring.

Advantages of Women’s Only Boxing Classes

Physical Health Improvement
At the Croydon Boxing Academy, our women’s boxing classes will increase your physical health by helping you burn your unwanted calories, increase your cardiovascular fitness level, and tone your bodies core features leaving you with a trimmed and toned appearance. Our certified boxing coaches will empower you to get fit, not hit.

Self Defense
The fighting techniques you will learn at our women’s boxing classes, {which include foot and hand movement and placement, throwing and evading punches with agility and reliance and adapting strict and extreme focus when faced by an opponent/attacker}, will assist you outside of the boxing club in unexpected situations.

Why us?

Our boxing coaches will motivate you to drive yourself to your very limit. We will help you strengthen your mind and body while increasing your physical health and strength and boosting your self-confidence/self-esteem. We will teach you professional boxing skills and powered punches while helping you uncover your greatest strengths. The Croydon Boxing Academy promotes teamwork and friendship along with a supportive community and a refreshing fun-filled atmosphere.